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Are you willing to make perfect use of your smart TV’s big and HD screen? Are eager to enjoy your home sound system 5.1 with the latest music trends? If yes, streaming Spotify Music on Android TV would be a perfect option for you. Dolby stereo sound system and Google Assistant are the utmost sources for streaming movies and playing games on Android TV. But when it comes to music streaming, Spotify, is a source that ensures users the best.

It will be unless to say the popularity of Android TV and Spotify have been increased in the last few years. Spotify has made it quite easier for the users to stream and share their favorite music with family. Spotify is the king of music streaming services. It is a platform that provides an extensive collection of high-quality music to the streamers. Spotify not only provides unlimited streaming to the users but also makes them easier to enjoy podcasts or radio as well.

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How to connect

If you are going to use Spotify Music for the very first time on your Android TV but are really finding it hard, just take your worries aside as we are here with the two best different solutions for you. Enjoy the unlimited streaming experience with Spotify Music seamlessly now.

Method 1: Stream Spotify Music on Android TV using Spotify connect is the best way to get access to Spotify straight from your remote control. It is one of the easiest ways where you only have to do is:

  • Download and install Spotify client on your Android TV. You don’t need to worry about third party installation as Spotify is a legal app that can be easily downloaded from your Google Play Store.
  • Once done launch the app on your Android TV and then make a secure login to it using your Spotify Account. If you don’t have a Spotify account, you can simply make use of your Facebook Account as well for proceeding further with the process.
  • On the successful completion of the above process, next, you have to log in to Spotify Connect. You can make use of Spotify Connect for streaming Spotify using the related app on Android TV, tablet, smartphone, and desktop as well.
  • Make sure that you have connected your Android TV and your Spotify device with the same WiFi network connection. It will help you in gaining secure access to it.
  • Now, launch Spotify on your device, and once done, you can select and play your favored song very conveniently. For letting this happen quite conveniently, you can simply tap on the Devices Available section or can also make a click on the Device on desktop option.
  • You have to select your TV from the device picker option and once done you can start playing your favorite music seamlessly.

Method 2: Download and Play Spotify Music to Android TV

For enabling this method, you don’t need to stay dependent on the Spotify App. Spotify Music does come up in two options. Users are free to choose the free or premium version as per their preferences. The major drawback of Spotify free is that you are usually interrupted by ads here.

But if you are not having any issues with the same, you can go ahead with the free version conveniently. Upgradation of account to Premium version brings up accessibility over their party software i.e. Sidify Music Converter for you as well. It is one of the finest applications that help you in downloading different songs, playlists, podcasts to different audio formats effortlessly. In other words, we can also say that if you are willing to access unlimited access over the Spotify music on Android TV, the premium version would be the best option for you.

What is Sidify Music converter?

Sidify music converter is the best way to download different Spotify songs or playlists to different formats very conveniently. The best thing about this wonderful tool is that it ensures users have high audio quality always. Sidify keeps on the original quality of the downloaded songs to 100% even after conversion also.

Sidify provides a huge library to the users where you can save unlimited songs. Accessing is quite easier as it provides different ID3 tags and metadata to organize the music library perfectly. Users are free to burn Spotify music to CD and can share Spotify music through emails very conveniently.

How to download and play Spotify Music on Android TV with Sidify Music Converter?

Sidify Music Converter is one of the finest ways to get unlimited access over Spotify Music. If you are eager to know how to download and play Spotify Music on your Android device using Sidify Music Converter, just explore the guide we have mentioned to you below:

  • Download and install the Sidify Music Converter app on your Android TV. The installation process is quite easy to go and can be processed with the help of a single click only.
  • Once done, just launch this application on your device.
  • Now, add Spotify songs, podcasts, playlists, or radio to Sidify for proceeding the process further.
  • Once you have successfully done with adding songs from Spotify, you can simply click on the OK button to check the songs. Just make sure to choose the MP3 option as output.
  • On the completion of the above process successfully, go to the bottom of Sidify and then tap on the Convert button to initiate downloading songs from Spotify.
  • Wait for the downloading process to get completed and once it’s done just tap on the Converted button to find the downloaded Spotify music.
  • Once you have successfully done with the downloaded digital songs from Spotify, you can simply transfer them to your Android TV to start accessing them unlimitedly.


Accessing Spotify Music Unlimited on your Android TV is not an issue now. If you are facing any issues with the access, we have mentioned two different methods above to make the access much convenient. Spotify does come up with two different packaging options: Free and Premium. Just make the decision very carefully as per your preferences.

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