– Party City Feedback Survey

Party City Feedback is an online platform that allows customers to share their experiences with the party supply retailer. By participating in the survey, customers can help Party City improve its customer service and overall shopping experience. Customers can also be entered to win a prize for providing their feedback.

How to Program Survey

To participate in Party City Feedback, customers may receive an invitation on their receipts or through emails after making a purchase. Typically, the survey includes questions about the shopping experience, staff assistance, product variety, store ambiance, and overall satisfaction. Completing these surveys might offer customers a chance to win discounts or enter sweepstakes as a token of appreciation for their time and input. – Party City Feedback Survey
Party City, Indianapolis, Indiana. Credit: Missvain via Wikimedia Commons
  • Make a Purchase: Shop at a Party City store or make an online purchase. Keep your receipt handy as it usually contains the survey details.
  • Check Receipt or Email: Look for an invitation to the survey on your receipt or in an email from Party City. The receipt might include a survey link or instructions on how to access the feedback form. – Party City Feedback Survey

  • Access the Survey: Use the provided link or visit the website mentioned in the invitation. Sometimes, you might need to enter a survey code or transaction number from your receipt to access the survey.
  • Answer Questions: Once you’ve accessed the survey, respond to the questions honestly. These questions typically revolve around your shopping experience, the quality of products, staff assistance, store cleanliness, and overall satisfaction.
  • Submit Feedback: After completing the survey, submit your responses. Sometimes, there might be an option to enter sweepstakes or receive a discount coupon upon completion.
  • Note any Rewards or Offers: Check if there are any rewards, discounts, or sweepstakes entry opportunities offered upon survey completion. Some surveys provide incentives as a thank-you gesture for participating.
  • Follow Any Instructions for Rewards: If there’s a reward or coupon, ensure you follow the instructions provided to claim it. This might involve receiving a validation code or coupon via email or at the end of the survey.


  1. Eligibility: Participants are often required to be legal residents of the country where the survey is conducted and of a certain age (usually 18 years or older).
  2. Purchase Requirement: Participation might require a recent purchase at Party City. Receipts typically contain survey invitations.
  3. Survey Access: Access to the survey may be limited to a certain timeframe after the purchase. The survey link or code might have an expiration date.
  4. Survey Completion: Participants are usually asked to complete the survey in full, answering all questions honestly and thoroughly.
  5. Reward or Incentive: Some surveys offer incentives for completing the feedback, such as discounts on future purchases, entry into sweepstakes, or coupons. There might be restrictions or limitations on these rewards, such as expiration dates or specific terms of use.
  6. Limitations on Participation: There might be restrictions on the number of times an individual can participate within a specific period.
  7. Validation Codes or Coupons: If there’s a reward or coupon offered, participants might receive a validation code or coupon upon survey completion. These codes or coupons may have specific conditions for redemption.
  8. Follow Instructions: Participants are usually required to follow any instructions provided at the end of the survey to claim their reward or incentive.


Party City’s feedback survey, “Party City Feedback,” often provides rewards or incentives for customers who participate. These rewards can vary based on promotions and may include:

  1. Discount Coupons: Participants might receive discount coupons that can be used on future purchases at Party City stores or online. These coupons can offer various discounts or special offers.
  2. Entry into Sweepstakes: Some surveys offer participants the chance to enter sweepstakes upon completion. These sweepstakes might have prizes like gift cards, merchandise, or other rewards.
  3. Promotional Offers: In addition to immediate discounts, respondents might receive special promotional offers or exclusive deals as a thank-you for completing the survey.
  4. Validation Codes: At the end of the survey, participants might receive a validation code. This code could be used to redeem a specific offer or discount during their next visit to Party City.
  5. Thank-You Gifts: In certain instances, respondents might receive thank-you gifts or tokens of appreciation for taking the time to provide valuable feedback.

The specific rewards offered through Party City’s feedback program can change over time, and the availability of rewards might depend on the current promotions or campaigns running at the time of the survey. For the most accurate and updated information regarding rewards for Party City Feedback, it’s best to check Party City’s official website or the survey invitation itself.


It’s important to keep an eye on your receipts or emails from Party City for survey invitations and follow the provided instructions to access the survey. Answer the questions honestly and thoroughly to ensure your feedback is valuable. Upon completion, you might receive rewards or incentives as a token of appreciation for your time and contribution.

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